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Flat Feet

Flat Feet - are collapses of the foot arch from many causes. In the senior population, it can actually be a tendon rupture that generally happens in one foot. Flat feet can be treated surgically or non-surgically.
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Wound Care

Wound Care - for ulcers of the skin from external pressures such as improperly fitted shoes, poor circulation or diabetes. Treatment includes intervention and preventative care utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. Dr. Longobardi makes use of advanced wound care treatments.
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Warts, a virus, more common in women and adolescence, that causes painful lesions of different sizes, mostly on the weight baring or bottom surface of the foot.
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Diabetic Foot Care

10 Steps to Daily Diabetic Foot Care The Disease That Can Affect You from Head To Toe 01. Inspect your feet daily. Look for redness, swelling, open sores or drainage. Use a mirror to look at the sole (underside) of your foot. 02. Prevent dry brittle skin. Avoid soaking your feet. Wash your feet with…
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Bunions Removal & Treatment

Bunions Removal & Treatment - bunions are caused from abnormal motion of the foot from a muscle imbalance or abnormal foot structure. They are often hereditary. Bunions can be treated surgically or non-surgically, depending on the severity of the bunions. Non-surgical treatments may include change in shoe gear, orthotics, cortisone injections, special padding, or physical therapy.
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Ingrown Toe Nail Care

Ingrown toe nails an be caused by a variey of conditions, such as bunion deformities, improper shoe gear, congenital nail problems or fungal nails. This can be an especially serious condition in any patient with diabetes, circulatory disease or any other serious lower extremity diseases.
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Diagnostic Ultrasound

This is a realtime diagnostic view of a patients problem eg. neuroma, stress fractures, fascitis, ganglions. It is painless, cost effective, covered by most insurance plans. It also aids in ultrasound guided injections which afford a more direct application of medication in a more controlled manner. Patients have a better appreciation for their condition since…
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Treatment of Toe Nail Fungus

Fungus that forms under toe nails often from a toe injury. The fungus is often from the same fungal family as Athlete's Foot. Causes the toe nail to turn black, have ridges and look unsightly. Easily treated with prescription oral anti-fungal medications.
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Heel Pain Treatment

Heel Pain Treatment - heel pain can occur suddenly or be chronic and nagging. There are multiple causes for heel pain. It is common in people who stand or walk long periods, from an injury or trauma to the heel, bone spurs or a fracture, from being over weight or in athletes where repetitive motion can…
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