Fungal Nail Treatments

Fungal Nail Treatments

Why is it important to treat the problem?

¥ It is an infection that will not go away, and it will get worse (#1 reason).
¥ Fungal nails are a progressive disease, increase with age, is more common in diabetics, and patients with immune diseases.
¥ Diabetics are 6 times more likely to have the disease.
¥ Pain is the number one complaint in 90% of patients.
¥ 40% of patients seek treatment for cosmetic reasons.

What treatments are available?

There are many different treatments for fungal nail disease: topical over the counter solutions, old wives tales, creams, ointments, lacquers etc.

¥ Lamisil: proven safety profile, 70% cure rate for fungal nails. The most common side effect is a rash in 5.6% of the patients who use it. Lamisil is processed by the Liver, for this reason the doctor will obtain a Liver function test before, during and after therapy. This affords you the patient the utmost in safety. A low incidence of Liver problems (0.008%).
¥ Sporonox:(oral medication)-different than Lamisil, greater possibility of liver side effects, and drug reactions.
¥ Tineacide: A cream applied to the nail twice daily
¥ Penlac: a topical lacquer, is a very good alternative for patients with an single nail Disease, or concerns about side effects from oral medication.

What can I expect from treatment of my fungal nails?

¥ Oral medicines e.g. Lamisil works from the inside of the nail out, for this reason it may take upwards of one year or more to notice a completely "normal nail." About a 70% cure rate.
¥ 3 to 6 months after your therapy is complete Lamisil is still within the nail.

What can I not expect from treating my fungal nails?

¥ 100 % cure
¥ Fungus will never come back
¥ It does not cost that much
¥ No side effects from the medications

Dr. Longobardi will discuss the above mentioned options with you and then choose the correct therapy, as it relates to your nail problem. Preventive therapy with anti-fungal powders, and quality socks (e.g. THORLO) is recommended. An individual with fungal nails is at high risk for a recurrence. It is a good idea to have an annual foot exam by Dr. Longobardi, even if you think your nails look healthy.

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