Recent lifestyle changes necessitate new practices in Pedi curing and the need for pedi-ceuticals in foot care. Especially with the risk of transferring fungal infections.

Get your baby feet back! Pedi-ceuticals, a new and improved method of foot treatment provided by Absolute Foot Care’s removes rough, dry, cracked areas of skin on your feet.


  • Calluses
  • Corns
  • Cracked heels
  • Rough, dry hard skin build up
  • Any fungal or bacterial infections

Our new treatment leaves the feet smooth, soft and supple. You will see visible changes with just one treatment. Pedi-ceuticals for your feet are exceptional. It leaves the most rough, cracked and calloused feet feeling smooth and soft without the use of any blades or rasps.

Todays cliental are concerned with hygienic environments, cross contamination and risk or infection. The Absolute Foot Care Pedi-ceutical foot treatment are100% hygienic, safe and best of all effective. Alleviating the concern in all these areas while achieving a more superior result than aggressively blading or rasping skin from feet, makes Pedi-ceutical is the ultimate pedicure, and dissolves away dry, hardened crusty skin built up on the feet.

Absolute Foot Care Pedi-ceuticals incorporate the autoclaved sterilization of our instruments, and unique medical grade cuticle softening agents. These products swell, dissolve and soften redundant cuticle build up and return the skin to a normal pH level.

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