AFC Price List



AFC 1 Nail care plan$375
AFC 2 Nail care plan$600
Ankle brace$175
Cam Walker$225
Cortisone injection$75
Emergency visit$425
Formula 3 Nail fungus treatment$35
Formula 7 Nail fungus treatment$50
Ingrown nail permament $355
Initial office visit$150
Laser therapy ( 6 sessions)$325
Medical grade orthotics$40
Metataral pads (2)$12
Nail care$65
Taping and strapping$35
Tube foam large (1)$3
Tube foam medium (1)$3
Tube foam small (1)$3

Service Price List



Physician Visits
Office Visit New Patient (30 – 44 minutes)$175.00
Office Visit New Patient (45 – 59 minutes)$329.00
Office Visit Established Patient (10-19 minutes)$79.00
Office Visit Established Patient (20 – 29 minutes)$114.00
Office Visit Established Patient (30 – 39 minutes)$165.00
Orthotics – Prefabricated
Pre-Fab non-covered, non-posted (pair)N/A
Children’s non-covered OTC deviceN/A
Modification to OTC orthotics (each) (metatarsal pads, cushions, etc)N/A
Toenail and Wart Treatment
Ingrown Toenail Treatment (Partial or total nail avulsion)$175.00
Ingrown Toenail Treatment (Partial or total nail avulsion) per additional toe$83.00
Permanent Ingrown Toenail Treatment (Partial or total matrixectomy) 1st toe$462.00
Permanent Ingrown Toenail Treatment (Partial or total) Additional toe$462.00
Debridement of thick nails (1 – 5 toes)$58.00
Debridement of thick nails (6 – 10 toes)$81.00
Destruction of Wart$140.00
Injection – Plantar fasciitis / tendon sheath / ligament$136.00
Injection – Morton’s neuroma$128.00
Aspiration / Injection of ganglion$136.50
Ultrasound Guidance for injection$195.00
Injection – – intermediate joint / bursa$151.00
Injection – Small joint / bursa$121.00
Ultrasound Examination$85.00
Ultrasound Guidance for Injection$303.00
Durable Medical Equipment (DME)
Heel Lifts (one)$40.00
Kt tape$25.00
Ankle Brace$60.00
Pneumatic Boot$300.00
PTTD Ankle Brace$88.00